Whyville Watch Call Box
Help Keep Our Community Safe

Here in Whyville, Whyvillians take an active role in making sure that our city stays a safe place for all our citizens. This means that we all help out by keeping an eye out for trouble.

So what do you do when someone is acting up?

You can do many different things, depending on the situation. Click on each of the following tools to learn about them. You can also read this article in the Whyville Times, written by an official City Worker (City Workers are adults who run Whyville -- only City Workers wear the offical CW beanie!).

  1. Silence
  2. Vaporize
  3. 911 Report - ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES

Whyville uses a language filter, and city workers visit Whyville frequently to monitor what goes on. We also review the chat logs and mute, fine, or banish offensive Whyvillians. We work really hard to keep this town safe, but we can't do it all by ourselves. Please help us by using these tools well!


The Silence Tool

To use: doubleclick on the person's face, and choose "silence" from the menu.

After you silence someone, you won't have to hear them anymore. It'll be like they've been struck dumb for the rest of this visit to Whyville.

Use this tool when you've told someone to stop saying something to you, but they won't stop. You always have the right to determine what you want to hear. You can even decide to never listen to this person again. If that's what you want, choose "silence permanent". Read this article for more information.

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The Vaporize Tool

To use: doubleclick on the person's face, and choose "vaporize" from the menu.

When you've vaporized someone, you don't have to look at their face while you're in this chat room, and even better, they can't see you either. It'd be like this person didn't exist. Choose "vaporize permanent" if you don't want to see this person ever again.

Use this tool when someone won't stop bugging you, following you, or generally being a big pain in the you-know-where.

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For the most serious situations, use

The 911 Report Tool

To use: doubleclick on the person's face, and choose "report" from the menu.

Use this like you'd use 911 in real life.

Use this tool when someone is a danger to you or to others in our community. Someone who threatens the safety of our city must be reported right away! It's your way of protecting Whyville against real-life stalkers and password thieves.

City Workers will check the chat logs and investigate this case immediately. Perpetrators of wrongdoing will be punished swiftly and soundly, but if the report is frivolous or false, the reporter will be penalized..

Use this tool when:

Do NOT use this tool to:

Check out your other tools, like silence or vaporize for these purposes instead.

People asking for passwords should also be reported. Even if they mean well, they are encouraging citizens to believe that giving out your password is safe, and it is NOT.

You can only have one pending report at a time. Once you've filed a report, you won't be able to file another one until City Hall has reviewed the first one.

So, use your best judgement when using this tool! Think about it like you are dialing 911. If people flood the emergency line, the system will break down! It's for real emergencies only. You may lose chat privileges for 1 week for abusing this tool. If you are not sure, email City Management to make sure!

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