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Facial Procedure

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Hey there! It's kalia25 here! I have another beauty/fashion article here for ya. I am so addicted to writing these! I can't get enough, probably because I've learned and done so much of this in my cosmetology class which is now over until next semester. So sad, but oh well, summer's here now! YAY! I'm so excited!

So, do you want to know how to do a facial on your own? I have the step by step procedure right here for ya. Copy this down and soon you'll be doing your own at-home facial. Well... here goes!

Procedure for Facial

1) Prepare client:
-remove jewelry
-seat client
-fasten headband (the headband is a towel and pins to keep it in place)
-place towel around neck and across clients face
2) Sanitize hands with alcohol or astringent
3) Apply cleansing cream
4) Remove cleansing cream (with sponge or facecloth)
5) Apply freshener/toner
6) Analyze clients skin:
-if skin is dry, normal, oily, or combination
-if fine lines exist
-if black heads or acne
-if broken capillaries in the skin
Prepare table with products suitable for clients skin.
7) Apply three warm towels to soften dead cells, so that they may be removed easier. (approx. to minutes each towel)
8) Apply massage cream
9) Give facial manipulations
    Now here are the step by step facial manipulations and how to give them:
    1) Chin Movement. Lift the chin, using a slight pressure.
    2) Lower cheeks. Using a circular movement, rotate from chin to ears.
    3) Move from eyes down to under the eyes. Then across the cheeks and down to the chin.
    4) Linear movement over forehead. Slide fingers to temples; rotate with pressure on upward stroke; slide to left eyebrow; then stroke up to hairline gradually moving handns across fore head to right eyebrow.
    5) Circular movement over forehead. Starting at eyebrow line, work across middle of forehead and then toward the hairline.
    6) Criss-cross movement. Start at one side of forehead and work back.
    7) Stroking (headache) movement. Slide fingers to center of forehead; than draw fingers over brows. Slide to outer corners of eyes, and back to inner corners.
    8) Brow and eye movement. Place middle fingers at inner corners of eyes and index fingers over brows. Slide to outer corners of eyes, under eyes, and back to inner corners.
    9) Nose and upper cheek movement. Slide fingers down nose. Apply rotary movement across cheeks to temples, and rotate gently. Slide fingers under eyes and back to bridge of nose.
    10) Mouth and nose movement. Apply circular movement from corners of mouth up sides of nose. Slide fingers over brows and down to corners of mouth.
    11) Lip and chin movement. Draw fingers from center of upper lip, around mouth, going under lower lip and chin.
    12) Optional Movement. Hold head with left hand; draw fingers of right hand from uder the lower lip, around mouth, to center of upper lip.
    13) Lifting movement of cheeks. Proceed from the mouth to ears, and then from nose to top part of ears.
    14) Rotary movement of cheeks. Massage from chin to earlobrd, drom mouth to middle of ears, and from nose to top of ears)
    15) Light tapping movement. Work from chin to earlobe, mouth to ear, nose to top of ear, and then across forehead. Repeat on other side.

That's the end of the facial procedures...So after those you remove the massage cream (with sponge or face cloth), move on to:
10) Apply toner/freshener
11) Apply mask (10 minutes)
12) Remove mask
--Optional: 3 warm towels, 1 cool towel to close the pores.
13) Apply toner/freshener
14) Apply moisturizer
15) Clean up!

So there ya have it! There is your step by step facial procedure. Hope you have fun if you actually decide to your own at home facial. Wow! You should start right now. Well... what are you waiting for? Buy your supplies, go home and start your very own at-home facial just by following these simple step by step directions.

Well, see you... my friend wants to give me a facial! Yay!



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